MEGADETH – Holy wars

Hello, hello. We have just finished a video about Megadeth’s Holy Wars. The great Megadeth’s era, Dave Mustaine unbridled, Marty Friedman raised to the rank of guitar divinity, a legendary album and guitar parts that are still references since twenty-five years. This title has to be approached peacefully, calmly, quietly, and requires some knowledge at [...]

Satch in all its splendor

Hi all ! We post a short video for all guitarists! A Satch’s live with a title that I personally love where you’ll learn how to use a wha pedal. it also works for others, happiness, isn’t it ! nice listening

MattRach performs Hail to the king

Vain joy for Manowar “Hail to the king’s” fans, it’s an Avenged Sevenfold title. Manowar’s one is “Hail to England”, “Fight for the king”, “Hail and Kill”, “King of kings” etc. … that was taken from them But no I didn’t go on Manowar’s wiki. We’re Manowar’s fans at JPG. Moreover, we’ll make a Manowar’s [...]

Freeze ‘Em All

I missed it, but just before Christmas, Metallica offered a small intimate concert in… Antarctica. Seeing James Hetfield with a cap .. it has no price, and this concert is really friendly. There are many of ancient times titles and the guitars’ sound is really interesting. Great Video

Delain offers Stardust

I introduce you the new clip from Delain. A single which proves once again that the simplest rhythmic are often the most effective. Especially with a seven-string guitar … solo too … This augurs a very good new album which should be released tomorrow. Happy listening !

Lacuna Coil – New album Broken Crown Halo (2014)

Hi all ! Here it is, the new Lacuna Coil’s album, scheduled for March 31 ! They have accustomed us to a variety of albums, stimulating, so it would hurt, they have already diffused some extracts, you’ll have to wait a bit to get the full album ! Well, for fun, I share with you [...]

Crystal Tears’ Midnight Oil cover

I was already listening to this track when I was little and I was going on vacation with family … Memories … Anyway, Crystal Tears makes the cover of this 80s’ pop rock monument by adding a beautiful Jackson King V … yes, it hides but it’s in there. And as we’re talking about memory, [...]

BabyMetal, it rox hard

Well, the word play is poor, whatever it makes me smile while writing the news .. and this is something least ! So Babymetal is a group that Remy just made me discover, and I must admit that it’s exotic a bit. It’s quite uncommon, Asian, metal, sometimes techno …. you just have to watch [...]

Muse – Origin of symmetry

For my first review, I decided to tell you about a band which shaped my youth. It’s Muse, with their second album OOS. In my case, Muse was the group that made me want to play guitar, my first concerts etc … Well, back to the context, it’s two years after the first album « [...]

12 Seymour Duncan comparison

Well, we had an idea for this kind of video, but it’s no use reinventing the wheel. Here is the video in which Keith Merrow had to play with the soldering iron to equip his “Strictly 7″ guitar with 12 Seymour Duncan’s pickup. And for once, it’s convenient to have a good sound quality overview [...]